What's your WHY?

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Almost 2 weeks ago, my blog was born. I thought by now I'd be bored and ready to retire, but nope. That is not the case. I FINALLY pulled the courage out of my you know what to showcase what I've loved doing for years. Going on adventures. Exploring places I've never been. All while capturing vivid, beautiful images that reflect what I truly love. All with my kids...and sometimes husband (when our schedules align and when I can convince him that it's going to be superrrr fun).

My mission: to consistently share my family's outdoor adventures to the world.

My goal: to inspire super moms to bravely expose their children to the raw outdoors.

My WHY: I realized that I absolutely LOVE these experiences and most especially capturing unforgettable images that burn in my memory.

Example of the Images I live to capture.

Today, I want to stop and recognize WHY I pulled the trigger and lay credit where credit is due. During the day, I am a Sr. Project Manager at an amazing ad agency. I was asked to attend a Leadership Training in April, expecting to walk out with new tips and tactics on how to approach and guide my team. This all definitely happened, but there was a bonus (insert smile here). Our AUMAZZZZINGGGGG coach/instructor, Irene Glass-Ortiz, took us thru a full-day of inspiration.

2 weeks before the training, were were asked to take a 30 minute assessment called the Birkman's Method. It's an incredibly accurate personality assessment that gives you insights I feel we all need to live up to our highest potential. It goes beyond the behaviors we see day to day to drive productivity and satisfaction. After walking thru my assessment with the our leadership coach, a couple epiphanies struck home:

  1. All of my instincts and personal passion project ideas aligned with my assessment.

  2. The assessment was unbelievably accurate (this was for me and everyone else in the room i'm sure).

  3. It gave me this instant euphoric confidence to accept my strengths and make some sh** finally happen.

  4. I realized NOW was the time to launch Sunset with Kids.

Example of my Interests from the Birkman's Assessment

So here I am. Ten days, 26 posts, 110 followers later. It's all a start of a passion project I hope to turn into a long-term tradition.

If you've been considering that T-shirt business, coaching program, coffee brewing passion, or whatever it is that makes you tick...I'm here today to tell you to JUST DO IT. This is YOUR WHY. Fuel that passion. Live what you LOVE. We only get one shot at this. Now's the time. I'm rooting for you!

Your fellow Mommy,



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