To You, Tired Mom

To the single mom.

The working mom.

The super mom.

The widowed mom.

The give-all-your-love mom.

The sick mom.

The stay-at-home mom.

The mom that does it all.

The mom managing a life with her partner deployed.

The mom sharing custody with her ex.

The working mom with a commute.

The mom with a partner that doesn't pull his weight.

The mom with a child with disabilities.

The military wife mom.

The overthinking mom.

The mom with hyper boys.

The mom with children who talk back.

The mom who has a village to lean on and to the mom who doesn't.

The mom with chatty children.

The lonely mom.

The financially strapped mom.

The mom who’s dying for a work out.

The always running late mom.

The overwhelmed mom.

The recovering mom.

The mom that can't take a break.

I hear you.

I feel you.

I connect with you.

I empathize with you.

I, too, pause after a long drive. Sighing at the thought that the entire household is waiting on you.

I feel that same overwhelming confusion when my child enters a new life phase, clueless on how to adapt.

I look at the high-piled laundry with the same feeling of irritation.

I sense your anxiety when you're running over-time on your drive back to relieve your sitter.

I watch and empathize with you while your child throws a fit in the grocery line.

I, too, seek empathy when my son runs away from me when I call him in public.

I also need that reminder that it is OK to do something for yourself or splurge on that pair of shoes you deserve.

I know your heart.

I know your love runs deep.

I know your well is dry.

I, too, need that assurance that it's OK to re-gift love to yourself.

When your cup is full, cry that ugly cry. Cry some more.

Then make sure you replenish your soul with what fills your cup.

Go to that yoga class.

Take that walk.

Photo Credit: Sarali Cantu

Plan your girls trip.

Go to that bootcamp class.

Rekindle a friendship.

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Mom


Remove that internal pit of self-guilt.

Make time for YOU.

Photo Credit: Brenda Gergely

You may not hear it, but you're appreciated.

Nobody's holding you back but yourself.

You've got this.

Do it.

💕 Love,

Your Fellow Mom-Friend.

Photo Credit: Ramon Vargas


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