10 Years of Halloween

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

10 Halloween celebrations in. We've donned ninjas, air freshener trees, jiu jitsu fighters, ketchup packets, one of the Mario Brothers and many more.

After digging thru 10 years of history, I learned a few things:

  1. Snapfish and Shutterfly are both very promising photo storage/print sites. Shutterfly is definitely my favorite.

  2. The younger "me" made many more efforts but who's counting? Motherhood ain't easy.

  3. Halloween is NOT my jam, but sure, I'll roll with it.

  4. Definitely can take a stab at doing a better job at capturing better photos of the outfits that I spent so much time/stress choosing.

  5. Moms rarely make it into the photo. I've learned to shamelessly ask a fellow passerby to take a photo for us.

  6. The Ketchup / Hotdog get-up was definitely my favorite.

  7. Trick-or-Treating is WAYYY more fun when you're with a group of people/family.

  8. We put SOOOO much pressure on finding/making a super original costume, just have fun with it girl.

Enjoy this collection of ten years of Halloween as a mama.

2009: Phoenix, Arizona

One of my faves - the classic "Air Freshener" shot.

Somehow, I managed to make the effort to capture professional shots of this guy. Clearly, this trend did not continue.

2010: Laredo, Texas

Good ol' mini Kermit the Frog.

2011: Laredo, Texas

Thomas the Train is not exactly thrilled about his costume.

Post 2011 Halloween Festivities = exposure to candy. One of our biggest mistakes. This is when we learned how sensitive and fragile our kids teeth were, and how much money we'll be showering to the dental gods. d

Sure, Mom will partake in the sugary action too.

2012: Laredo, Texas

Austin aka "our Benjamin Button" has joined the family. A ketchup packet felt like the right way to go. No special professional shots for baby #2 😒.

Spidey Man climbing the lightpoles of the beautiful La Bota Ranch.

2013 - Laredo, Texas

My favorite costume duo - the hotdog and ketchup packet. When the 2nd child floats into the picture (literally), this is where recycling comes in at its best. 2nd year reuse of the ketchup packet. 😂 😂 😂 😂. Money well spent.

I quickly learned the hard way that an 8pm candy scout session is not Austin's jam. The whining begins.

Same chapter of our lives where we made incredible friends and snuggled the sweetest little insta-nephews. Pictured here is my best friend's son, Jona, in a super fleece Fish costume. Austin, in the back, is wearing the historical Air Freshener costume in barefoot glory.

2014: Phoenix, Arizona

Life brings new opportunity - we're back in Arizona where TJ was born! A UFC fighter get-up from Goodwill seemed like a great photo to share. Mario was down for a good dance.

We quickly learned that Austin was NOT having the itchy chest puffer situation. Goodbye UFC costume, hello Minion back-up plan


Same year my Arrowhead Advertising crew convinced me to join the Golden Girls. Couldn't be more proud to be a 60 year old red head.

2015: Dumont Dunes, California

Our careers and life now uproot our family to Los Angeles. This is where a new tradition begins for our crew. Halloween weekend now equals to my hubby's / children's off-road hobby as our thing. Fellow family friends come together to share a unique kind of trick-or-treat experience. We jump into a truck with up to 10 of our kiddos donning their super fresh Halloween costumes amongst other participating campers.

Halloween always seems to be 2 celebrations for them when we plan Halloween in the dunes, which means twice the work for costumes.

Special thanks to my friend Tricia for saving TJ from having to wear the Air Freshener to school for a school parade.

TJ pictured here, incredibly unhappy about what I made him wear to school.

Auntie Tricia to the save. Brought back a jiu-jitsu gi + medals to save TJ from the ultimate embarrassment of wearing a tree that doesn't quite fit 😂😂😂😂😂 . #momfail.

Our dunes festivities.

During our regular school week, we celebrated in our neighborhood. The cat look seems to be the easiest mom costume in the book.

2016: Glamis Sand Dunes, California

2nd year being cool with the idea of spending Halloween in the sand. Also the 2nd year Austin's cool with being a ninja (again). TJ opted for the quick and classic "dirt bike rider" look.

Our 2016 Halloween crew pictured at the Glamis Sand Dunes.

Tigger + Day of the Dead + Ninja + Dirt Bike rider. Very eclectic. We need to work on becoming a package deal 💌.

FYI - taking off this make-up is no easy feat. Grab a load of the Neutrogena Make-Up remover wipes for these efforts.

2017: Aliso Viejo, California

After over 8 years as parents, we FINALLY pull off a clear family Halloween photo. Thanks to my amazing sister. The colorful goblin-ghost-guy and Rocket Raccoon are in for an adventure.

2017, I learned one key Halloween takeaway.

Let them wear the *&*($#% out of their costumes. When you don't have the luxury/passion to DIY, this is the only way you're going to get your $40 worth.

Btw, even when it's not Halloween...maybe you'll find the inner joy in dressing up your kids for no apparent reason. Thanks Brenda for creating turtles on a regular summer day.

2018: La Mirada, California

Meet Mario Brothers and a thief? My favorite thing about Halloween is when the boys know EXACTLY what they want to be. Austin was 100% confident Mario was who he wanted to be ... EASY. TJ? This is where we scour the aisles of The Halloween Store for an hour bracing myself for the $50 splurge on a one-time outfit (ugh).

Mario, Princess Peach, Homemade Minnie Mouse and the thief enjoy our time at Neff Park.

Thanks for reading :) . Happy Halloween week!! Hoping you and the fam are able to remove the stress out of the big day, and instead, find joy.


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