Hike, Bike, and Explore Beginnings

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Welcome to my new adventure. For years I meddled with the idea of launching my own blog/channel sharing my love of exploration and adventure with my family and sons. Recently, writer/author Rachel Hollis' words of inspiration kicked me in the butt to get over all my silly fears and JUST DO IT. I washed my face, told myself I could do it...now here I am writing my first blog.

There was no better time to launch this than Earth Day 2018. I love everything about hiking, discovering, exploring, biking and absolutely enjoying everything Mother Earth has to offer. So today, it felt organic and that my calling finally needed to be put into the digital universe.

Today, my 5 and 9 year old shared my joy and appreciation with Mother Earth by joining me (let's be real, they had no choice) at Orange County's Coastkeeper's Earth Day Cleanup Event. I can barely get my children to clean the Lego's off their bedroom floor or pickup their dirty clothes from the corners of their bathroom. Somehow, someway, they pulled their inner patience from their souls, and picked up as many bottle caps, plastic pieces and broken sand toy remnants.

Slightly sunburned and exhausted 3 hours later...the inspiration is trickling thru my mind and now I'm on a mission to continue to find new adventures to share with you. Join me and my family as we discover places to love and explore all thru Southern California. Let's do this!


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