20 Things I Don't Love About Being a Mom

There is sooooo much joy in being a parent. But let's be real. Everyday can't be fantastic. It's our choice to find the simple joys and little nuggets that make all the stress worth every day of sacrifice.

So, let's step back and share the top 20 things that aren't so joyful.

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Feeling like I'm repeating myself, over and over again.


Re-washing clean clothes because someone thought the dirty clothes basket was a good place to put clean items.


Having to instruct my child 56x time that his lizard should not be on the kitchen table.


Watching my son waste Bandaids on "ouches" that don't involve blood or open skin.


Watching my children waste food and having to preach about other people starving, daily.


Cleaning up someone else's mess, ALL.THE.TIME.


Holding the reputation as the "nag" in the house.


Listening to myself yell.

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Threats, bribery and negotiations.




Cooking an elaborate meal and watching my sons confidently decline it for a bowl of cereal.


Watching both children ruin their clean, crispy clothes right before we even get to the party.


Picking up laundry on the floor (3” away from the laundry basket).


Having to be held accountable for making sure homework makes it into their backpack.


When your children can't take four seconds to close a lid right and avoid smearing chocolate EVERYWHERE.


Sore losers.


Having to constantly shut down ideas (due to danger).




Having to mitigate sibling rivalry and pray they don't expose it to the public. But then they do.

**See school writing assignment below.


Knowing that my kids are watching me and one day, my actions are going to inform how they make decisions, live and create their life. The pressure is on.

Soooooooo...every day can't always be a beautiful blessed parenting day. And that's alright. It's OK to accept that everything will not go as planned.

I always tell myself...embrace what comes it soon will pass.


Love 💖,

Your fellow struggling mommy - striving for happiness.


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